Monday, December 8

More Commissions

This is the type of card that I supply to our local newsagents. I have have to be honest it is owned by my hubbies cousin so I am very lucky in the sense I have a constant outlet for my cards, however only certain styles sell believe it or not. I am well known for my westie cards. The island is full of westie dogs. Our adorable Westie passed away last November so last year I did not make any of these cards as every time I tried I ended up in tears so this years they have been flying out the door. Just delivered whole batch to them as tomorrow night is out "Yuletide" night. All the shops stay open late and we are offered mulled wine and mince pies. Santa comes to town led by The Millport Pipe Band and there will be carol singing. a merry time is always had by all. I will take pictures for you to see and Emma is playing with the Pipe Band! It will be her first time since her stooky came off. Thanks for stopping by.


Wendy said...

These are so sweet
Wendy x

bumblebee creations said...

These are adorable!!! Love them!

Cathy said...

Cute little Westies, and I love the backgrounds and embellishments.
Cathy xx

Donna said...

I love these little scotties Alison, they're so cute :) Donna x

Gayle said...

Oh God Ali...

I haven't been to Millport since I was wee!!! Might need to bring the wee one during the summer...It's like a right of passage for those near the West Coast ain't it?
The Westie cards are gorgeous!
Gayle x