Monday, January 24

Sewing on your Cards

 Morning peeps......I have had numerous emails asking how I manage to sew on my cards and do it so neatly *blush. Thank you. So I decided to take a few shots for you on how to acheive it.

I use a foam mat, piercing tool and a tapestry grid.
Tapestry grids are available from craft shops or haberdasheries
Stampin Up also have a Mat pack that you can purchase I often use this too. 

 There are tools available to achieved the holes before stitching however I have yet to get a good result from them.

 Place your design paper or card on the foam mat and line up the grid on top of your paper. Hold in place and then start piercing holes along the edge or wherever you wish the sewing to be.

 Note ~ The holes on this piece of design paper have been made larger for the purpose of the camera to show you, the holes are not normally as large as this.

 Thread your needle with heavy weight thread and pull through the first hole from the back to front and adhere the tail of the thread on the back of your design paper. Start sewing along the edge of the paper. I only do one side at a time so once i have sewn along the one side I go back and fill in the stitches i have missed. I repeat this on all 4 sides.

I hope this has helped those who have asked.

Please remember these is no right way and no wrong way in crafting....this is just how I achieve my results.

Please feel free to ask about anything by emailing me if there are any tutorials you wish me to do... if I can I will. I am currently working on a few others for you.

Whatever you are doing today......enjoy! Ali x


Rosietoes said...

that's a great idea Alison, much better than the wobbly results I get with my dressmaker's wheel thingy!
Edna x

Paula said...

Brilliant idea using the tapestry grid - though I wasn't one who asked this is so helpful to see. Thank you.
I've had your card from yesterday in my head all day - those PB creatures are just lovely.
Paula (PEP)

Beverly Montez said...

This is awesome!
Thanks so much for posting and the pictures are a huge help!

jenny said...

Great tutorial Ali, I have a tapestry grid somewhere :) I will have to give it a go.

Jenny xx