Saturday, December 20

Practise makes perfect they say!

Well today I've been having a play with colouring in some images. I often just sit and colour images. I have fond memories of sitting colouring in doodles in my grandparents caravan when I was younger, my papa was a fantastic drawer and loved doodling. I just know how proud he would be if he could see my creations now. Anyway back to the images identical however the one on the left is coloured using pencils and blended with paper stumps and low odour thinners and the one on the right is coloured using whispers pens and a waterbrush. Both have the added touch of cheapie pearl paints (bought from The Works yonks ago) So here is where you come in

"Which one do you prefer? and why?"

*If you click on the photo it will appear bigger and you can get a better look*


Sandra said...

This ia a hard one Alison...i'm drawn more to the one on the left,the pink and blue one coloured with pencils....but i'm not 100% sure why that is,maybe the colour combo,to be honest there's not much in it as far as i'm concerned they both look gorgeous.
Like you i always loved colouring when i was growing up,and it was my dad who i always got to draw for me,and my mom worked in the printing trade,so i think this is where my love of paper comes in,she was always bringing scrap pads home.
Take care
San x

Michele said...

Hi there Ali, you have coloured them both in beautifully, but if I was to chose it would be the one on the left. The colours are more softer and I like shading.
Michele x

Victoria said...

both are very lovely in different ways and it would depend on the papers you were using which would be more appropiate. I find that Basic Grey can take a promarker image but K and Co tend to warrant a watercolour lighter finish.

I too just love to colour but I have the wonderful excuse of helping the boys as well.

Have a wonderful christmas if I don't speak to you before.

hugs xxx

ps your sarah kay is gorgeous x

Wendy said...

To be honest I couldn't choose between them I think they are both coloured beautifully and I always admire your colouring anyway lol
Wendy x

Linanna DESIGNS said...

Hi Alison, i have looked closely at both of them, but to be perfectly honestly i really can not chose between them. I think both of them are fantastic. I love both colour combinations and the sparkle of that pearlized paint is fantastic! I have to say i am with you i love the colouring it takes me back to my childhood. I was never happier than when i was colouring!! well hun, thank you for entering my blog candy, and good luck. Hope you have a fantastic christmas. Hugs Linda x

Kim Piggott said...

Well they are both coloured beautifully. But, if I had to choose I would choose the one on the left. I like the way you have shaded the colour it looks softer and so true to life.
kim xxx

Donna said...

Hi Alison, I'm loving the look of your blog at the moment, its very homely :) I'm finding it very hard to choose a fav from these girlies, I love the colours on both and as always your colouring is amazing :) Donna x

WeirdCat said...

I would choose the one on the left, the colours go better together, the darker purple on the right doesn't work so well, but both lovely

Julie said...

I like the one on the left best, cos I like the way it's shaded. The colour on the one on the right seems a little more solid and I guess I'm not sure about the brown socks

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali, I love them both, and it's hard to choose, maybe of the color combos in each. On certain background DP, it calls for soft, and on others, it has to be more vibrant, and I love this vibrant color on the right. Use both mediums because you do a beautiful job coloring! Cami